Create a chat group on WhatsApp or a similar programme (Signal, Telegram, Threema, etc.) within the news department (large news outlets) or of the entire newsroom (small news outlets). These chat groups represent another – more informal – “portal” for journalists not only to report threats but also to share information and experiences, helping create a sense of community among its members, especially when journalists are working remotely or in different locations. They can also serve as a sounding board to vent frustration.

Journalists can also use these groups to alert members when they plan to publish a story that could provide fodder for attacks. Such alerts create an audience of colleagues and supporters ready to support the journalist’s story as soon as it is published, including through counterspeech or other means.

Best practices

Reuters UGC team handles a vast amount of traumatic imagery as part of its work. The team has a chat group in place where its members often talk about some traumatic experiences. This chat group helps editors stay in contact with other members of the team located in different offices of Reuters across the world.

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