Protecting journalists from online harassment goes beyond adopting ad hoc measures for each case. Newsrooms should strive for a culture of safety around online harassment. This video examines basic measures that newsroom managers can take to create a more protective environment.

  • Basic measures for newsrooms
    • Reduce the time of exposure
    • Turn comments off for some stories
    • Accentuating positive comments
  • Create a protective environment that acknowledges impact
    • Empower journalists to open up
    • Find out which journalists are most exposed to online harassment
    • Paradox: Journalists under pressure tend to close up
    • Provide newsroom-wide access to various resources
    • Encourage and empower peer support networks
  • Warning signs: Assessing the emotional impact of online abuse on journalists
    • Staff absenteeism
    • Substance abuse or overwork
    • Getting stuck in their emotions
    • Becoming numb and disconnected from their feelings
    • Extreme cynicism

This series of video tutorials has been developed in cooperation with the Dart Centre Europe.