This block focuses on basic measures that journalists and moderators can adopt in dealing with hostile voices online. These strategies aim to help journalists depersonalize and contextualize attacks as a means to prevent the potential emotional impact. This video will cover the following topics:

  • Dealing with hostile voices: Basic measures
    • Stop, pause and think
    • Reaffirm the obvious to yourself
  • Dealing with hostile voices: Reaffirming the obvious
    • “This isn’t the audience, it’s just a fraction of it”
    • “These people don’t know me, they are targeting a fantasy projection of me, e.g., ‘the journalists’”
    • “Impugning my motives deprives them of the opportunity of genuine understanding”
  • Find ways to depersonalize the attacks: Separate your professional identity from your personal persona
  • Use humour against abusive messages
  • Visualization strategies: Mannequin technique
  • Consider using compassion
  • Responding to campaigns aiming to smear and discredit
    • Don’t get drawn into an argument
    • Resourcing: Remind yourself where your strengths lie
    • Solidarity: Resort to counter speech to support your colleagues

This series of video tutorials has been developed in cooperation with the Dart Centre Europe.